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Vox Vomitus - Faux Latin, roughly translating to “word vomit". Host Jennifer Anne Gordon, award-winning gothic horror novelist and Co-Host Allison Martine, award-winning contemporary romance novelist have taken on the top and emerging new authors of the day, including Josh Malerman (BIRDBOX, PEARL), Paul Tremblay (THE PALLBEARERS CLUB, SURVIVOR SONG), May Cobb (MY SUMMER DARLINGS, THE HUNTING WIVES), Amanda Jayatissa (MY SWEET GIRL), Carol Goodman (THE STRANGER BEHIND YOU), Meghan Collins (THE FAMILY PLOT), and many more.


Join the Vox Vomitus “Vixens” every Wednesday at 3PM/6PM EST as they chat live with authors and other creatives about some of their worst first drafts, books they should never have written, and their guilty pleasure reads.

The Vox Vomitus podcast isn’t just insightful — it’s downright hilarious.

Hosts Jennifer Anne Gordon and Allison Martine welcome serious writers like Charlane Harris and SA Cosby, but they also aren’t afraid to have a little fun.

Listening, it’s easy to forget the show is a podcast; it feels more like eavesdropping on a conversation with friends.


Let's Scare Jennifer to Death - Award winning horror author, Jennifer Anne Gordon, talks all things that go bump in the night. Everything from ghosts, goblins, ghouls, puppets, scarecrows, and serial killers....everything that scares her—and everything scares her. Show with a focus on horror, dark fiction and true crime.



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