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Victoriana - Mixed Media Art


Victoriana is a beautiful and lush collection of the mixed media collage art of Jennifer Anne Gordon. The original pieces were made with old photos, antique letters, and playing cards, as well hand painted paper and various other ephemera. These were combined with acrylic paint, oil pastels, and watercolor. The colors are rich, and each piece is a multi-textural visual story, each image is a mystery, and a dream. Jennifer’s love for all things vintage, especially the late Victorian and Edwardian Eras is combined with her passion for performance, circus girls, steampunk and burlesque came together to create the pieces collected here. Her work is collected throughout the world. This collected work is perfect for appreciators of a time gone by, lovers of vaudeville, and silent film stars. What people are saying – “Her mixed media art is incredibly unique and breathtaking! Antique photos and letters are a common theme and inspiration to much of her work. There is an unbelievable presence in her artwork that draws you in. It is almost as if each work has its own life and its own past.”“Like dusty pressed flower petals unearthed from a long-forgotten trunk in the attic, Jennifer’s Collages ache with hidden stories and desires half-met. Her characters are doe eyed Silent Era theater beauties, pale gilded fashion icons, and folkloric dreamers, all frozen in time.”

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